My Passion

My passion is riding my motorcycle.  A motorcycle is an automobile on two wheels.  It is like a motorized bicycle.  I have a black 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r.  In Oklahoma you can be fourteen years of age to get your motorcycle endorsement.  You have to pass a state test and have a permit for one month before you actually get to go anywhere you want by yourself.  I have had my motorcycle for 5 months now and it is the best thing that have ever owned.  My dad has a motorcycle also, we usually go out on the weekends and just ride as long as we want.  They are really fun to ride, but their is also a down side.  When you are riding down a street or a back road people don’t seem to notice a motorcycle very well and usually pull out in front of you.  I have had it happen to me once and I almost wrecked.  If you would like to know more about my motorcycle and others you should go to this link 2012 Ninja 250r Sport-


2 thoughts on “My Passion

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  2. Dear Josiah,

    Hey my name is Kealy. I didn’t know that you could be fourteen and have a motorcycle. I think your passion is really unique and interesting. Most people don’t ride motorcycles at a young age. I think your blog is great and keep blogging.


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