What I’ve Done This Week

Everyday at the beginning of my English class I would work on my capitalization packet.  Then our class would move on to do other things, such as reading from the story of Odysseus.  Odysseus is a normal man who has help from Athena the goddess of wisdom.  He was called to war and is trying to get back home.  But he has many dangers and unexpected events to occur.  At the end of class we would work on our challenge yourself to blog and our edublogs, kind of like this one.  In the end I have learned many things this week.


Poseidon is the god of the sea.  He had a very unusual birth where his father swallowed him in fear that his kids would dethrone him.  He was saved by his youngest brother Zeus.  The grew up and defeated their dad.  Poseidon split up what part he wanted to rule over with his brothers and he choose the ocean and the land.  He is the ruler of all the sea and the life that fills it.  He also can create earthquakes.  He can do all these things with his trident that was given to him by the Cyclops.  Poseidon had many kids and many wives.  Poseidon is said to be still alive because he is immortal.